Friday, October 28, 2011

Kate Voegele at Park West...

While my mom was in Chicago visiting me, we did something we've been wanting to do for a long time. We saw Kate Voegele in concert! The show was absolutely amazing. Kate sounds even better in person. Her voice is rich and smoky, which I absolutely love. She is also an equally gifted songwriter. Kate's lyrics make me feel as if she can see into my soul. Sarah and I have listened to her songs in so many places and for so many reasons. We've laughed. We've cried. One memory that plays over in my mind is our many drives through the canyon at all hours of the night and day.

Oddly enough, my mom was the one who introduced me to Kate Voegele. That's rather unique because my dad and I are the music buffs in the family. She first heard Kate during my sister's One Tree Hill phase. Kate had a recurring role as a singer on the show shortly before she released her first album. My mom doesn't buy much music, but she bought Kate's album. We played it on repeat. Over and Over. We were hooked. I've bought both of her following albums and loved each one for its insightful lyrics and real-life messages. Her songs have gotten me through so many hard times.

The venue where we saw Kate was called Park West. It was a fabulous setup. Park West reminded me of  an old night club with a "dance" floor and then tiers of intimate, comfy booths and tables with chairs. Mom and I sat in a booth, were comfortable the entire time, and had a great view. I definitely want to go to another concert at Park West.

Funny story of the night was how I managed to meet Kate after the show. Before the show started, I waited in line to buy a poster. When I finally got up to the front to buy it, I gave my money to the guy and waited for him to give me my change. He gave me my change and said to hold on a sec. Naturally, I waited. He grabbed a wristband and put it on me with a big grin saying, "You get to meet Kate after the show." I was excited and perplexed. A sign on the merchandise table clearly stated that only the first 75 people to buy a sweatshirt or CD would get to meet Kate after the show. I hadn't bought either item. Not wanting my mom to miss out on the action, I smiled and asked if I could get a second wristband for my mom. He said, "Oh yeah, of course". I guess that's what I get for being a cute girl. :-)

We waited in line for about 10 minutes after the concert and were one of the first people to meet Kate. I told her how much I enjoyed her music and that it's gotten me and my friends through so many things. She was so sweet and cute. She gave me a hug and my mom took a picture of us (my cell phone doesn't have a flash so the picture is kind of crappy).

Seeing Kate Voegele at Park West was well worth the wait. My mom and I couldn't have had a better night!

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