Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wednesday wisdom: she reads

I haven't read a new book since Thanksgiving. During the summer and fall I devoured books and was a regular at my local library. My reading list is long. I need to start again.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I feel pretty

Today I decided to feel pretty. I know that sounds strange but it's true. It's been awhile since I've truly felt like I look nice or have enough energy to put all my makeup on plus a nice outfit.

My sweet aunt gave me the iconic polka dot sweater from J.Crew for Christmas. Dream come true. Until today it has sat unworn, neatly folded in its plastic wrapper inside my closet.

My aunt has asked me several times since returning home from Christmas, "So have you worn your sweater yet?" Each time I have replied "no" that I was saving it for a day when I felt put together and confident. I didn't want to waste a special sweater that has to be dry cleaned on a blah, regular day.

Well, Christmas was over a month ago. The blissful day of beauty and confidence I've been waiting for had yet to materialize. So I decided that today--a Monday no less---was the day. Time to put on my fantastic, prized possession and wear it with pride.

Sometimes you have to choose your emotion rather than succumb to reality. You can choose to feel beautiful in your own eyes even if your head tells you otherwise.

What helps you feel pretty? How do you improve your self-worth?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Blues

January is a rough month--not an eloquent statement but I speak the truth. The holiday festivities have passed. Have you heard the song, "I cry the day I take the tree down?"

It's freezing outside. There's no reason to shave your legs or get a pedicure. Feet get nasty and cold. Cash flow is nonexistent thanks to Christmas. It was well worth it but still. Eggs for every meal intermixed with grilled cheese? Done. Five cups of hot chocolate every day? Yep, that's happening.

Bears have the right idea. Hibernation all the way. That would solve everything.

Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing. I deal with depression no matter the season but winter is a little bit harder. I have no motivation right now. I procrastinate to the max because I need the desperation and hang-over-my-head deadline to get something done.

I'm taking a magazine writing class this quarter. My instructor is awesome--she reported for the Wall Street Journal for over seven years and has her MFA in Creative Writing along with her master's in journalism.

This is the class I've waited to take. Writing for a magazine is what I would love to do. I should be super excited and motivated but my confidence has waned. I'm not thrilled or inspired. I blame the winter blues.

I've got to find my mojo...spring please come now!