Friday, November 18, 2011

November with Harper

Harper has been very good at keeping me company while I suffer through finals week. No matter what, she's always there to lend a helping hand. 

Every time I sit down to write she jumps on the table and flops on top of my keyboard. When I packed up all my summer clothes, she thought she'd help by jumping in the box and playing. 

She loves it when I swiffer the floor and makes sure to walk right through the piles of dirt and fluff. But no matter her antics, every night she jumps on my bed and snuggles with me all night. 

I may have to move all the way to the right, flat up against the bed frame, but this little muffin is worth it.


  1. She is too fun and cute. You know me and my animals. Love my Fatty (that's what we are calling the cat since she is getting a little too chunky) and of course my Ellie Bug. Animals are truly fabulous and they are ALWAYS happy to see us. So glad you have her!

  2. I somehow missed this post! Loved it! Cute Cute picture of Miss Harmony! So glad you have your Little Muffin! xoxoxoxoxo Auntie