Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering September 11

Pennsylvania Firefighters - photo by Jonas Karlsson via Vanity Fair
14 years old. Freshman in high school. 6:30 am seminary class. A plane flew into the World Trad Center. Piled into Ben's Dodge Spirit on the way to school. The Pentagon has been hit. First period biology class. The second tower has been hit. We watch the news in class. Lab is canceled. The rest of the school day is a haze.

Mariners game is canceled. No planes in the sky. An eerie stillness fills the air. Back home watching the evening news. Replay of people calling loved ones from Flight 93. Destroyed section of the Pentagon. Death toll rising. Two towers emitting billowing black smoke. People jumping to their deaths. Firefighters storming the area. Desperate faces.Wounded hearts.

11 years ago I witnessed, along with the rest of America, a life-altering tragedy. I didn't directly know anyone who lost their life that day, but I felt the pain of the nation. September 11 is a day that will forever be imprinted upon our minds. Let it be a day we celebrate the strength of America. Recognize the sacrifice of others. Give thanks for the blessings we enjoy.

Remembering September 11 is about honor, sacrifice, justice, and love.

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  1. I remember that morning and that entire day so very vividly. I was in sixth grade and although I didn't completely understand what was going on at the time, I remember the sadness of the day. It definitely serves as a reminder to be grateful for all of my blessings and to not worry about the little things.