Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One Year in Chicago!

I remember seeing the Chicago skyline for the first time driving east on the highway. My heart started racing. We passed historic Wrigley Field, a mere 10 minute walk from my new apartment. Driving along famous Lakeshore Drive my eyes skipped furiously from building to building. Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan completed the breathtaking scene. I kept repeating, "I live in the coolest place ever!" Eloquent, I know.

One year ago today my dad and I made the final trek across Wisconsin, completing our four-day road trip to the great the city of Chicago. Our ride across the Badlands the day before was one I'll never forget. More on that tomorrow for Wednesday's Wisdom.

Time is a strange entity. It's both present and fleeting. We move forward even if it feels like we're standing still. I'm always afraid that a year from now I'll be in the exact same place I am today.

I never planned on going to graduate school, let alone moving to Chicago. Looking back on everything that's happened and changed over the past year proves my worry that I'd be in the same place was once again unfounded. That gives me hope for the future.

Some major highlights from my first year in Chicago include: adopting my cat Harper, making new friends, exploring the city with visits from friends and family, selling my car, finishing my first year of grad school, interning with The Everygirl, and getting my first full-time job with benefits, vacation etc.

Living the dream isn't perfect like the movies. It's messy, hard, and confusing. I'm still not entirely sure why I'm here in Chicago but I know that good things can and do happen.

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