Friday, April 27, 2012

this friday night...

It's Friday night. 7:20 pm. Sirens are blaring outside. I ate cinnamon toast crunch for dinner. I slathered my dry, callused feet in Bath & Body Works Forever Sunshine triple moisture body cream and put on a pair of socks. I'm hoping this will be cheaper than a pedicure. The smell of the lotion is making me feel nauseous. I already had a headache to begin with.

I'm rather emotional today. Case in point: I just cried my way through the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy.

April punched a guy in a bar. Oh, and she lost her virginity sleeping with Jackson. I shouldn't be happy about that because it goes against my own morals but I am. Way to go bad me. Meredith has the stomach flu. Poor thing. Christina is conflicted and might be leaving Seattle for good. Meredith and Christina have an all night chat through the hotel door. Probably my favorite part of the entire episode. Reminds me of me and Sar. Teddy and Owen might actually be friends again. It's about time. Alex missed his oral exam. Way to go dude. He'll probably still make it somehow. Lexi is still in love with Mark. I feel for that girl. Sometimes I feel just like her. Derek is playing mommy and daddy to sick Zola. So cute.

Tonight, those characters were my people. Maybe that's sad but it's not an everyday thing so I think it's ok. Oh, and I have Harper. She's always here. I love the little baby muffin.

Songs from Carrie Underwood's new album "Blown Away" are stuck in my head. I've been listening to it for the past few days. You can listen to the album for free on iTunes until it gets officially released. I haven't seen them do that before. I think it's an awesome idea.

"Blown Away" mirrors Carrie's previous three albums. I would know---I own all of them. There's the country classic we killed that lying, cheating sob song--"Two Black Cadillacs". The power girl jam and first hit single--"Good Girl" (just like "Cowboy Casanova"). (The "Good Girl" music video is just an excuse for Carrie to prance around in seven different outfits and hairstyles soaking up her own glamor and making us all jealous.) Another song about there being "Good in Goodbye (her first album had a song called "Starts with Goodbye"). The title track references Oklahoma, Carrie's original home (remember "I Ain't in Checota Anymore"?).

I could go on but here's the thing. Even though the songs are different versions of the same themes and I'm not a big fan of Carrie as a person, I like her new album. Dang it. I'll probably end up buying it thanks to iTtunes getting the songs stuck in my head. Good marketing move my friends.

It's now 7:48 pm. I think I'm going to grab a Diet Coke, pop some Advil, and watch the last few episodes of the second season of "Samantha Who?".

Happy Friday.

P.S. My left hamstring is pulled and I haven't worked out in months. Real cool. 

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  1. Hope Saturday is extra peaceful and breathes some joy into your heart! Love you Rissy! xoxoxoxo Auntie

  2. Hi There Riss. Mandi said you would be out in July (?) make sure we are a pit stop . . . . . . want to see you. I've never watched Gray's anatomy and Carrie Underwood is not my style.......pedicures are and I personally love the smell of bath and body works into the wild triple moisture complex lotion, but if I have it on my hands and try to sleep, the smell gives me a headache and bad dreams........Have a great weekend.