Friday, December 7, 2012

Harnessing My Mojo

Last Monday I started a December intersession course on the press and the presidency. December intersession courses meet three times a week for three weeks with class periods running three hours long. It's been intense. Reading articles, writing papers, and studying for my first "midterm" have all but consumed my life. I've become a familiar face at the Starbucks near my office and spent way too much money eating out. It's tough trying to be on the ball enough to pack one meal let alone two. Am I right?

Despite the insanity last week was amazing. I was on top of everything, made it to the gym on my one night off, and did several social activities on Saturday. The only thing that would have made the week better was if I'd gotten my butt to church. I've slipped a little there again, not as bad as before but I still need to keep recommitting.

Last week I found the mojo I've been missing for a long time. All I kept thinking was, "Wow, I wish I could feel like this all the time!". This week, on the other hand, has been hell. I had an extremely offensive encounter with a doctor on Monday and late Tuesday night found out my grandmother had passed away. Plus, we also found out my dad's interview for a new job has been postponed until after the first of the year.

The icing on top of the crap sundae was having a paper due and my midterm on Wednesday, plus another paper due on Thursday. I stayed home from work Wednesday and studied my butt off while trying to be there for my siblings and parents as they dealt with my grandma's passing. Going into my test I felt sick and had a massive headache.

Although I didn't feel like I harnessed my mojo this week, prayer helped me make it through. I ended up doing really well on my midterm which felt really good. I worked hard for those A's. Now it's one more week of class, two papers, and a final exam to go.

Tonight I'm going to temper my social anxiety and go have fun with my friends seeing the Lincoln Park ZooLights. I really just want to go home and sleep but I know going out is important and that once I get there it will be a lot of fun (I'm silly, I know).

One more week baby!!!

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