Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my unofficial new year's resolutions (aka goals)

January is almost over but writing goals down is important right? Better late than never, I say. I'm not one for making "new year's resolutions" aka fleeting, grandiose gestures of the most insincere nature. However, I find the dawning of a new year a great time to pause and reflect on the various aspects of my life: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical etc.

So, in no particular order, here are the goals I'm focusing on right now in my life:

only buy lunch and breakfast once a week
Two out of the past three weeks I've totally rocked this goal. Last week, not so much. I'm recommitting this week. It helps that the Polar Vortex makes me not want to leave my office for lunch. Oh the joys of living in Chiberia.

workout 2-3 times per week
Last week I only made it to the gym once but the week before I went two times, which felt amazing. Exercising is always important, but for me it's especially crucial during the winter months. It's one of the only things that helps my depression and counteracts my battle with seasonal affective disorder. 

read at least one book per month

My best friend Sarah and I decided to make a goal for this year to read one book a month together. January we delved into Bossypants by the one and only Tina Fey. I just finished it tonight and would highly recommend it. Next on our list is The Book Thief in February.

try online dating 
I talked about trying online dating in my last post and since then I've officially signed up for one month of Match.com and LDSMingle.com. I haven't been on any dates yet but I've talked to a few guys. The mormon bachelor population is definitely lacking in Chicago but I'm not giving up yet.

attend church more frequently 
Of all my goals, this one is the most important and I'm ashamed to admit it's the one I've made no progress in so far. The last two Sundays I've planned to go to church and then the paralyzing anxiety I so often experience has taken hold. It something that shouldn't be hard, but it is, for me. I've still have a lot of progress to be made.

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