Monday, June 17, 2013

just another unproductive monday

Monday, Monday. I don't what it is but I never seem to be very productive on Mondays. It takes everything I have to haul my butt out of bed, make myself mildly presentable, and get to the office on time. And it's not like I party on the weekends. This girl won't every know what a hangover feels like. I can only imagine and it doesn't look good.

Once I'm at work my level of work efficiency is dismal at best. Same goes for my Monday night classes. I've had a Monday night class the past three quarters. When I get home, I crash in front of Netflixs until I decide to actually go to sleep and try again tomorrow. Laundry sits in the hamper. Dishes wait impatiently in the sink. Nothing ever gets done.

You would think that coming off the weekend I would be perky and at least somewhat refreshed. Nope, apparently not the case. Do you feel like you're less productive on Mondays? What do you do to get yourself motivated to face another week?

Help me cure my habitual case of the Monday blues!

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