Friday, February 15, 2013

I've Got the Love

Despite the fact that I've never really had a Valentine, I happen to love Valentine's Day. Hearts galore. Candy. Yummy sweets. Pretty cards. Everything the color pink. What's not to love?

Seeing men carry flowers home to the ones they love makes me smile. Passing crowded restaurants on my way home makes my heart swell.

I'll always remember walking to the bus last year on Valentine's Day morning and seeing a dad and his son putting the finishing touches on his Valentine's before heading off to school. Such a precious sight.

I've never been a V-Day hater. February 14th isn't a day I loath or despise. No pity parties for me--I save those for other random, non-special days throughout the year.

Some people say we shouldn't need a specific day to prompt us to show someone our love. They hate the commercialism and unrealistic expectations the day seems to bring. They have a point but I subscribe to thinking why is it a bad thing to have a day set aside to do a little something extra?

Nothing extravagant is required to show true love. I may not have romantic love right now but I have family and friends I love deeply. I try to embrace any opportunity I have to show them how much I care.

Bring it on St. Valentine.

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