Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Ask

It's hard to ask for what you need. I'm not very good at it. Often times I'm willing to give a lot to another person but assume that someone will not do the same for me. That I'm not worth it.  Why would someone want to help me?

I think being able to ask for what you need is a great sign of strength and self-worth. We all deserved to be listened to but you have to speak; otherwise, people won't know how to help you. My aunt has always encouraged me to share my needs with the people I know and love. She reminds me that people aren't mind readers and we have to be vulnerable to progress.

Ask for what you need. Give people the opportunity to say "yes" instead of automatically assuming "no". Open yourself to the realm of possibility.

Bottom line...listen to Oprah and my aunt on this one. They're right.

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