Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank you, Honest Abe

The final hours of President's Day are fading away but I didn't want to pass up this opportunity to give a shout out to Honest Abe. I've always felt a special connection to Lincoln. Genealogically speaking he is my cousin. We are related to him through his mother's line, the Hanks.

Growing up I was obsessed with history, particularly the Civil War period. In second grade when it came time for each of us to do a report on an American president, guess who I chose? In fact, my teacher saved Lincoln especially for me because she knew how upset I'd be if I didn't get to research and write about him. I was quite proud of my presidential lineage and never missed an opportunity to inform a classmate.

Going to Washington D.C. when I was seven-years-old made me more happy and exuberant than a trip to Disneyland. That's how passionate I felt about Lincoln and American history. My adoration for the man continues today.

Thank you, Honest Abe for showing our country what it means to be a leader. Thank you for having the courage to fear God more than man. Thank you for doing your duty no matter the cost.

Happy President's Day!

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