Friday, March 1, 2013

New York State of Mind

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One incredible story about the makings of a family. Another that gives a name to a cultural phenomenon. And lastly, an in-depth study that offers an explanation for why Cheetos are so addictive. Enjoy!

We Found Our Son in the Subway by Peter Mercurio, The New York Times
"We weren’t supposed to be there, two men, with a son we had never dreamed of by our side, getting married by a woman who changed and enriched our lives more than she would ever know."

Creating Hipsturbia in the Suburbs by Alex Williams, The New York Times
"These days, young creatives are fleeing a city that has become too affluent...Welcome to Hipsturbia."

The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food by Michael Moss, The New York Times Magazine
“There’s no moral issue for me,” he said. “I did the best science I could. I was struggling to survive and didn’t have the luxury of being a moral creature. As a researcher, I was ahead of my time.”

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