Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday wisdom...

I had something different planned for today's Wednesday Wisdom, but Nora Ephron's passing warrants a meaningful tribute.The New York Times published several articles yesterday and today highlighting Ephron's many accomplishments as a journalist, writer, screenwriter, and director. Links are included below.

As a fellow female writer and journalist, I have long admired Ephron's wit, honesty, and drive. Her iconic prose strikes at the heart of life's realities and conundrums. Talk about someone developing their own voice. Her genius, playful masterpiece, "You've Got Mail", is among my top five favorite films of all time. I never tire of watching it---a true classic.

The quote I highlighted before is one of my favorites, but in reading some of the NYT articles yesterday I also cam across this one:

“I have spent a great deal of my life discovering that my ambitions and fantasies — which I once thought of as totally unique — turn out to be clichés."

Like all things Ephron, she couldn't be more right! 

New York Times articles
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