Monday, June 25, 2012

we'll take summer...

I've never been a fan of summer (insert gasp here). Growing up I didn't have a ton of friends who lived close by so getting together for play dates was hard. Trying to dress modestly in the summer was also a challenge. Determining what back-to-school clothes I'd be buying was always much more fun. Most of all, I missed school. Nerdy...I know. I've never been very carefree. I didn't like not having the structure of a routine. Plus, I was bored without school. Thank goodness for the library.

As I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate summertime. Relaxing and being carefree is a good change of pace. We all need to step back and take a deep breath more often than we do. Having just finished my first year of grad school I am relishing the fact that I'm not taking summer classes. Hallelujah. Aside from the actual weather that defines our definition of "summer", summer is also a state of mind. A euphoric antidote for the realities of life. Yesterday, the following passage from a New York Times article caught my attention:
"And no matter what the clock, the calendar or the scientists say, the season is whatever our senses and emotions say it is. It may feel like summer in early April or fall on a cool, gray day in July. The calendar wants to apportion just so much summer and no more. But we know better. We’ll take whatever summer we can find, whenever we can find it."

Here's to finding the summers in our lives!

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  1. A thoughtful post! I like it.

    And a killer awesome picture too. :)