Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Kathi Goertzen

Photo by Mike Siegel/The Seattle Times, 2008
Monday afternoon legendary Seattle news anchor Kathi Goertzen passed away after a 14 year battle with brain tumors. She was only 54.

What I admire most about Kathi was her honesty--her willingness to openly share the reality of a very personal battle. Instead of retreating, Kathi stood out. She continued to fill her anchor chair at KOMO 4 News next to her longtime co-anchor and dear friend, Dan Lewis, until her body rendered her unable.

Many lack the strength and humility to expose their true selves to the world. Kathi was not among the many. She was exceptional in every way. I grew up watching her, Dan Lewis, and Steve Pool report the evening news. With the effervescent rise of technology and social media, I fear future generations will lack the same opportunity to trust and relate to their local journalists the same way I did.

Victoria Martinsen, a lifelong friend of Kathi and the Goertzen family, told Kathi before she passed: "You've done a wonderful job with your life." I don't think any of us can hope for better praise than that.

Seattle Time's article - Longtime TV anchorwoman Kathi Goertzen dies after battle with tumors


  1. This is really touching, I love that, "You've done a wonderful job with your life." What a perfect thing to reflect on when making big life decisions.

    1. Thank you Greta! I thought it was a wonderful sentiment. I hope to be worthy of such praise one day.