Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wednesday wisdom: to be normal

I completely identify with this quote. I battle clinical depression, and during my bad days and tough weeks this is exactly how I feel. It takes all I have in me to get up in the morning, put clothes on, go to work, go to class, make dinner etc. To be normal.

Living with depression I have times when I lack the necessary psychological, emotional, and physical strength to face the day. Getting out of bed feels like the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest. I know it sounds bizarre and weak to some but this is often my reality. I'm not being lazy or feeling sorry for myself. Those who really know me can attest to my work ethic and character.

Since I moved to Chicago last September my biggest struggle has been to get out on the weekends, meet people, and make it to church every Sunday. After surviving the week I often crash. It's really frustrating. There are weekends where I succeed in doing something in the city, making it to church, and seeing friends but it's sporadic at best. The energy and strength to be consistent are what I'm trying to find. I'm grateful for tomorrows.

Photograph by Sati Faulks


  1. Your strength shows in sharing your challenge with others. Depression is the most challenging disease on the face of the Earth. You are an amazing woman to face the challenge and know and practice what you have to do to live each day. You are remarkable and God Bless You. LOL, Auntie Zanne

  2. It is so brave of you to talk about this on your blog! I haven't had depression in a very long time, but when I was going in to 9th grade I went through the same things you talk about in this post. I know exactly what you're talking about and I would never ever wish it on anyone. Thank you so much for sharing!