Friday, October 12, 2012

New York State of Mind: A Spiritual Message

I'm straying slightly from my usual New York State of Mind format today. My intent with this series is to provide thought provoking, well-written material from trusted sources. Today I'm sharing a spiritual message. It is not my intent to push my beliefs on anyone, but rather to share what I find influential and meaningful in hopes that it may enrich the lives of others.  

This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch general conference and listen to wonderful messages from my church leaders. In the LDS church, general conference is held twice a year during April and October. It's a wonderful opportunity to receive direction and counsel from inspired leaders.

My favorite talk from conference was Where is the Pavilion? by President Henry B. Eyring. Here is an excerpt I found particularly powerful:

"Although His time is not always our time, we can be sure that the Lord keeps His promises. For any of you who now feel that He is hard to reach, I testify that the day will come that we all will see Him face to face. Just as there is nothing now to obscure His view of us, there will be nothing to obscure our view of Him. We will all stand before Him, in person...we want to see Jesus Christ now, but our certain reunion with Him at the judgment bar will be more pleasing if we first do the things that make Him as familiar to us as we are to Him. As we serve Him, we become like Him, and we feel closer to Him as we approach that day when nothing will hide our view."

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  1. I just recently started reading your blog in my google reader. Your words leave thoughts to ponder. Although I am not LDS, I am a believer in Jesus Christ as my savior and agree with all you say here as truth. Thank you for sharing.