Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the long and short of it...

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I've always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. In middle school all I wanted was a straight bob. My thick, wavy hair never quite cooperated. If only I'd known about CHI straighteners. That wouldn't come until college.

In high school I desired long, straight hair. Early morning seminary class required me to get up at 4:30 am to achieve my luscious locks. A shoulder injury saved me from that insanity. I couldn't raise my arm above my head. Consequently,  I was forced to come to terms with my curly hair. Total blessing in disguise on more levels than one.  

I wish I'd known and understood as a preteen and teenager that celebrities wear wigs and hair extensions. They have access to the most expensive hair products and best stylists money can buy.

Reality check. You're never going to look like Jennifer Aniston on your genes or budget, Clarissa. Don't obsess too much. Take a chill pill girl.  

Last night I was talking to my best friend, Sarah, on the phone and suddenly her tone changed. "Ok, I have to ask you a serious question." I braced myself for the unknown. "I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I can't decide if I want to go light or dark. What do you think?" Phew, this was a serious matter I could handle!

We discussed at length the pros and cons of going lighter vs. darker. Eventually, we settled on her keeping her blonde highlights and not going significantly darker. She's going to spice it up with fun bangs. That will satisfy her need for change without doing something drastic.

These are important decisions people. 

Two years ago I chopped my hair off to look like Carey Mulligan. Currently, my hair is close to Rashida Jones' length without the bangs. Don't get me started on bangs. If I'm patient enough, hopefully I can get my hair to SJP's length. I really want to be able to do a sock bun but my hair grows SO slow. We'll see if I can hold out. 

What are you hair struggles? Do you prefer long or short? Curly or straight? Favorite products?


  1. Oh my hell.........hair............it is a 4-letter word.....I'm growing mine(tryin to) arggggggggg

  2. i also have a love-hate relationship with my hair. maybe it's the curls? it's longer now than it's ever been and i hate it but everyone else tells me it looks good? so basically i'm still giving in to peer pressure and trying to deal with really long (to me) and reall ugly (to me) hair :) ha!

  3. I hear you! When its long I dream of cutting it, and when I cut it I wish it to be long again. A vicious cycle. You have showed some lovely examples of each length though!

  4. i'm the same way!! last year at this time i chopped my hair off to my jaw line and loved having it short until i missed my long hair. now i'm growing it out since then and wish it were longer! i have naturally pretty straight have and have always dreamed of having wavy hair. you can never win when it comes to hair! :)